Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sports Mania

     Since I started this blog in October, my purpose has continued to evolve from meal ideas and menu planning to home organization ideas and tips to personal reflections on the life of a busy mom. While I have to believe that there are many other moms out there who are just like me, I'm sure there are others who don't relate at all (or at least some who think we are crazy for leading such a "busy life"). But we wouldn't have it any other way! We are a family of sports fanatics. My husband has coached high school football for 13 years and even spent a year as a graduate assistant coach at a Division I university.  My two boys (Big B and Little B) began their sports careers playing soccer at the age of four.  Since Big B was four years old, we have never taken a season off. When he was younger, he participated in soccer, swim team, baseball, and basketball. Later we added football to the mix.  In addition to football, basketball, and baseball, Little B has even tried karate and tennis!

       Because of my husband's coaching schedule, he has rarely been able to help with the boys' sports practices. This "busy mom" has been responsible for most of the kids' after-school activities for the last 8 years!! But, that's all about to change. We are entering a new phase of our sports' life!  Yesterday, Big B completed his physical to be eligible for middle school sports. In just a few weeks, he will participate in middle school spring training for football. And guess what? That makes him Daddy's responsibility, not mine! He will go to practice right after school, then walk on over to the high school field to meet his dad. No longer do I have to run him to practice, sit there for hours watching his every move, and get him home again. Daddy gets to take over! No longer will I have to juggle two different practices on two different fields, (sometimes) in two different towns. For the next four years, I can focus on Little B's sports. Of course, I'll still be Big B's #1 fan at games, but practices are no longer my job!
      The realization that we were beginning this new phase of life is somewhat bittersweet. I am thrilled for Big B, who is passionate about his sports and can't wait to play for the middle school. I can't wait for him to put on that middle school football uniform and try to earn his place as the 7th grade quarterback. I am looking forward to spending more time with Little B!  BUT...this new phase also means that my babies are growing up. How did it happen so fast? Seems like they were just going through the terrible two's! (That's a whole 'nother talk show! There's a reason that Little B had toddler nicknames like "The Tiny Tornado," "Mr. Destructo," and "The Holy Terror.")
     We are now one step closer to the teen years, high school graduation, college, and an empty nest! (Yes, I know I'm projecting far into the future, but it is moving so fast.) What will I do when they are all grown up? Our lives revolve around their sports. Of course, I'll still have my husband's high school games, so that will fill a little of the void, but what will I do the rest of the time? Will I know what to do with myself when there are no practices and games? I've said on many occasions that I'll have to pick up a few hobbies when they are gone. Maybe I'll pull the sewing machine out of the attic, learn to quilt, exercise more? Will I miss the hustle and bustle? Of course I will! As hectic as our lives sometimes are, I love my role as a sports mom. The excitement and anticipation before a big game, the cheers and the thrills when the score gets close, the joys of victory and the agony of defeat! Have I mentioned that I was captain of the cheerleaders and "Most School Spirited" in high school? Some people never change...I love it! That's why I know how much I'll miss it when their sports days are done. For now, I have to savor every minute of it! 

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