Sunday, January 29, 2012

"I'm just not a morning person..."

As early as I can remember, this statement has been true. When I was in high school, my mom and I used to fight in the mornings because I wouldn't get out of bed. She would stomp to the top of the stairs and enter my bedroom fussing and fussing. In true teenager style, I would moan and groan and refuse to budge! One morning, she came upstairs to my bedroom six or seven times trying to get me up. The final time she topped the stairs, I mumbled some smart-mouthed comment and rolled back over. About that time, I hear "boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom," as she tumbled down the wooden stairs. I remember reaching the top of the stairs to see her lying at the bottom motionless. All I could think was "I've killed my mother." Fortunately, she escaped the fall with only a badly bruised arm, but it could have been much worse! For some time after that, the guilt caused me to try a little harder to get up in the mornings...but guilt will only take a person so far!

Fast forward a few younger sister moved into an apartment with me during her first semester in college. It also happened to be my first year teaching, my first year in the "real world." I think they left out an important part in my College of Education coursework. No one, I mean no one, had bothered to tell me that teachers had to be at work at ridiculously early hours in the morning. Yes, I had completed my student teaching the previous semester, but I had not a clue that showing up for work at 7 A.M. would be a regular expectation! What a was a miracle that my sister and I didn't kill each other that year. She can attest to this day that I made her life miserable because I was so cranky in the mornings.

So, at the end of that year, I married the man of my dreams, my high school sweetheart! You would think that after dating for almost seven years, very few things would surprise me; however, little did I know that he is what I like to call an "early bird." I don't just mean that he wakes up early. I mean that he wakes up early acting like he just won the lottery!! He is happy, cheerful, energetic, and full of life - long before I can even open my eyes, much less utter noises that even remotely sound like words!

We are polar opposites in this way; even after 14 years of marriage and two kids, I still struggle to get out of bed each morning. Instead of my mom standing over me fussing for me to get up, it is now my husband who has to fret about my morning habits. Quite honestly, all three of my guys are usually up and moving before I am truly awake. Yes, I am out of the bed when the kids get up, but it takes me two cups of coffee and an hour of peace and quiet (try getting that in a house full of "early birds") for me to get going each morning. Now, here's where the problems arise. My sweet husband has usually cooked breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, and started the kids on their morning routine before I even make it out of the shower.

Now I know what you "early birds" are thinking: this woman is just pure lazy! And I know that at times my husband thinks the same thing. Nevertheless, I know that I have tried to become a better "morning person." It just doesn't come naturally to me. It's something I have to work on each and every day. I have not yet become the Proverbs 31 noble wife who "gets up while it is still dark." And if I do, I ain't too happy about it! (Pardon the grammar...just trying to make a point!) So, I've set a little goal for myself. This week, I'm going to get up when the alarm goes off, without hitting snooze or moaning and groaning. I may not sing a happy tune or dance a jig, but I will try to be a pleasant person for the short time we four have together before we begin the busyness of our daily lives. I challenge you other "non-morning people" to join me on this little journey, and for all of you "early birds," don't forget to encourage us along the way!

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